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A premium solution for elevating your clinical documentation process

Offering a comprehensive suite of features that will revolutionize how you manage patient interactions and records.

Monthly Freedom Plan

Per Month
For the expert who prefers the freedom to scale documentation needs with ease every month.
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Ideal for medical professionals
who prefer flexibility.

No long-term commitments,
upgrade or cancel at any time.

Access to all features.

Priority customer support
to assist you at every step.

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Annual Value Plan

Per Year
For the forward-thinking practitioner focused on long-term documentation success.
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$800/Year - Save $160!

Best for dedicated medical practitioners
looking to maximize efficiency.

Annual subscription at a reduced rate,
equivalent to getting two months free!

Onboarding session to streamline your setup.

Includes all Monthly Freedom Plan features
plus early access to new features.

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our 7-day trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Standard Plan or our exceptional features? Delve into our FAQs for comprehensive answers.

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Choosing the Scribe Medix Standard Plan is a commitment to enhancing patient care and your overall practice efficiency. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Join Us in revolutionizing clinical documentation.

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