Ambiently capturing relevant information, ConvoScribe listens in the background and extracts only the key points you care about most.

No matter where or when you provide care, Virtual Scribe offers flexible, real-time documentation with cutting-edge support tailored to your needs.

Your Medical AI Scribe

Working in healthcare can bring its fair share of challenges and exertion. Scribe Medix is here to support you through the ordeal. Our ambient medical AI scribe effortlessly converts natural conversations between healthcare providers and patients into accurate clinical documentation, providing an immersive experience for both doctors and patients. This lets you take your eyes off the computer and give more undisturbed attention to your patients.

Technology That's Invisible At The-Point-of-Care


ConvoScribe lets clinicians naturally converse with patients and families while securely recording the dialogue.


ConvoScribe listens attentively to your entire conversation, capturing only the essential medical details for your notes.


Compatible with Google Chrome, Windows PCs, and Macs. Ensuring access from any platform at any time.

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1.4 min
chart closure time

reduction in documentation tasks

undivided attention per patient

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What our client says
Using Scribe Medix for my documentation in the office has been a game-changer. It has significantly reduced my work burden, allowing me to spend more time with my patients instead of being stuck in front of the computer. The efficiency it brings means I can get through my day faster and finish earlier, which has been a tremendous benefit. I highly recommend Scribe Medix to any healthcare professional looking to enhance their practice and improve patient care.
Dr. Omer Iqbal,
IM Clinic
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