Advancing Healthcare With The
Most Adopted AI Medical Scribe

Digital Note-taking with a
Smart Approach

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Advancing Healthcare
with The Most Adopted
AI Medical Scribe

Efficiency in Every Note,
Value in Every Minute

Key Features



Capture conversations live with our Scribe the Conversation feature for accurate and immediate transcription.




Seamlessly import your previous conversations for easy access and continued documentation.




Effortlessly articulate your thoughts into precisely transcribed text using our advanced audio recorder.




Upload your existing dictation files for quick integration and streamlined processing.

Rev Up Patient Numbers,
Slash Note-Taking Time

How Scribe Medix Works?

Log in to Scribe Medix and engage with your patients as always. Let Scribe Medix handle the details in the background.

You have the flexibility to choose how you want to capture your discussions:

  • Start Scribing: Capture live conversations for instant transcription.
  • Import Conversation: Seamlessly import your previous conversations.
  • Start Dictation: Effortlessly dictate your thoughts with our audio recorder.
  • Import Dictation: Upload existing dictation files for streamlined processing.

Powered by a sophisticated AI model, Scribe Medix intelligently discerns key medical information from conversations and incorporates ICD-10 coding for precise medical classification.

Finish up, log out, and dive back into life's best moments. Enjoy uninterrupted time with loved ones, free from the burden of note-taking. Experience peace of mind with fewer post-appointment responsibilities, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.


Discover the future of
medical dictation

A Commitment to
Better Healthcare,

Happier Clinicians and Healthier Patients


Be Empowered by
Scribe Medix & Experience

Precision and Speed in Medical Note-Taking

1.4 min
chart closure time

reduction in documentation tasks

additional patients per day


What our client says
Since integrating Scribe Medix into my practice, I've experienced a remarkable change. The reduction in documentation time has lessened my after-hours workload and allowed me to focus more on my patients during consultations.
Dr. Omer Iqbal,
IM Clinic


Explore the Affordable Solution
with Priceless Outcomes
$ 80
Per month
For the expert who prefers the freedom to scale documentation needs with ease every month
$ 800
Per year
For the forward-thinking practitioner focused on long-term documentation success     

Why Opt for Scribe Medix?

Our commitment to excellence makes Scribe Medix a trusted partner for healthcare professionals. By choosing us, practitioners and healthcare institutions are not just opting for a tool; they're embracing a solution that understands the nuances of medical documentation and elevates the standard of care.


Revolutionize Clinical Documentation

Experience the next level in clinical documentation with Scribe Medix. Our advanced technology captures and converts the natural flow of clinician-patient dialogues into precise medical documentation in real-time. With features like advanced accent detection and no need for voice profile training, it simplifies the documentation process efficiently and accurately.


Effortless EMR Integration

Scribe Medix ensures that notes are directly and accurately entered into the corresponding fields of your EMR system—no uploads or attachments are necessary. This seamless integration not only streamlines your workflow but also significantly reduces the potential for data entry errors, enhancing both efficiency and reliability in your healthcare practice.


Optimized Efficiency in Healthcare Billing

The solution effortlessly matches and selects from a list of appropriate ICD-10 codes following each patient interaction, simplifying the billing and coding process. This automated integration not only improves accuracy but also significantly expedites administrative tasks, ensuring that healthcare professionals can focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.


Flexible Documentation on the Go

With Scribe Medix, document anytime, anywhere, using a portable solution that adapts effortlessly to your every need. Capture clinical notes and navigate systems with unmatched ease, allowing you to dedicate more time and attention to your patients. Whether you're using an iOS or Android device or connecting from any desktop or laptop via the web, we offer a smooth experience across all platforms.


Advanced End-to-End Encryption:

We prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of medical data. All information captured and processed during patient care is secured using end-to-end encryption, utilizing the AES-256 standard, the same level of encryption used by leading financial institutions and government bodies. This robust security measure ensures that all data, from initial capture to final storage, is completely inaccessible to unauthorized parties, safeguarding sensitive information against potential cyber threats.


Anonymization of Patient Data:

We employ strict data anonymization protocols to protect patient privacy. All encrypted data is meticulously stripped of personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring that individual patient details remain confidential and secure from potential breaches. This process not only complies with global privacy regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA but also minimizes the risk of data misuse. By systematically anonymizing patient data, we uphold our commitment to privacy and ensure that all patient information is handled with the utmost care and respect.

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